Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Bugs ‘lives

If you are given a chance by a fairy to embody an insect, what insect would you be? 

If I were given such a chance, (let’s forget about the butterflies for this post only) I would be either a spider or an ant.

There are basically two reasons for that decision.
Mainly, I don’t know much about insects. Out of all the insects that account for more than 1 million living beings on earth, those two comes top in the list of insects I see daily. Therefore being someone you know better is better than being somebody you don’t know about.

And the other reason is my special interest to photograph them. If  I be an ant or a spider, I would know their behavior than anyone else in the world and will be able to capture them in the most effective manner.

These two photographs were taken in our home garden.

I really love this spider that appears as if he hasn’t combed his hair since his birth. Irrespective of his goggle like 4 eyes, he didn’t notice me until I finished capturing him for more than 2 minutes.

And then came this guy - a black ant.

He was too briskly for me to capture so that, this turned to be only good picture I have of him

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  1. Such a lovely blog.... I think this is what call blogging... INTERPRETATION. I have started to follow this blog because of my child. She should learn howto enjoy the life & the nature. This is really good beginning to inspire her thoughts.
    Keep it up dear..!!



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